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Latinos in Action Club (February 8, 2019)
Grades 9th-12th
Photographer: Jocelynpictures@gmail.com

Mission, Vision, and Our Values


 The mission of the Nurture the Powerful You Foundation, Inc. is to empower and inspire girls and young women to be driven with a purpose by leaving a positive legacy aimed to embrace balancing body and soul through youth advocacy, education, and leadership skills. As a result of better communication and personal development, empowered girls and young women to speak up and speak out with confidence across the nation through storytelling.    


 We envision a diverse organization that embraces passion and ignites purpose in youth by supporting youth development and producing contributing citizens and history makers. We firmly believe in investing in the success of young minds. Nurture the Powerful You Foundation, Inc., is another way to nurture ourselves, love others, and give back to the community by awarding deserving students scholarships within our programs that will provide them with the assistance and motivation to follow their dreams and further their education.

Our Values


Accountability: We will connect with accountability partners that will protect our vision. It's up to us to move boldly by stepping out in faith to get the job done.

Belief: We believe in our youth striving and following the pathway to extraordinary success as leaders. 

Compassion: We show love and kindness toward others.

Collaboration: We learn to go into the community, observe, and keep positive connections and develop growing relationships for positive change. 

Determination: We are optimistic at all times. 

Education: We build positive attitudes that will influence learning with an open mind to train, coach, and develop people on a personal level. 

Family: We put family first in all we do. We cultivate and maintain confidence in our walk in God and within ourselves and respect others’ beliefs and choices.

Excellence: We give our best and have the look at all times when mushrooming oppositions arise. 

Inspiration: We inspire others to make a difference in the lives of youth and our growing community.


Integrity: We say what we mean and mean what we say.

Passion: We are committed and dedicated. We love what we do and change what need to change with passion in our heart.

Productivity: We work hard and are highly effective in making our vision a reality. 

Vision: We have a clear vision of a future filled with independent, successful leaders through early mentoring programs. We strive to make that vision a reality with the help of our partners. In this way we will affect change in the lives of others and build a positive community locally and globally.

The Foundation Priories Areas



· Empower all citizens to develop new ways to create new approaches to empower through mentoring girls, young women, and families.


· Educate and foster healthy living and youth development by providing a platform for our youth to share their stories through storytelling. 


· ​Connect with people from diverse backgrounds and schools from different communities that join the movement across all sectors and scale working concepts into concrete actions. 

​ In addition, Nurture the POWERFUL You Foundation, Inc., supports educational excellence, personal development, and performing arts and encourages girls to invest in themselves by staying open to learning, becoming leaders in their community, fighting against illiteracy, and empowering learning environments in the nation.  


· Youth, young women, and families with the highest needs 

· ​Invest in ourselves as well as girls and young women

· ​Possess a global view

· ​Coaching/training/educating high-caliber mid-level to executive leaders 

​Nurture the POWERFUL You!

​Be the Brand of Excellence

​Amazing, Creativity, Curious, Determination, Desire, Empower, Excellence, Inspire, and have FUN.